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Sonic Arts Award: Deadline Extended!

The deadline for submissions for the Sonic Arts Award has been revised to be February 10th, 2014.

Any composers with multi-channel works should consider submitting! There’s a prize too..

Mixing in Surround: the soundstage

SonicScoop have released a series of interviews on how professional audio engineers tackle the wider soundstage of 5.1. Link is here!

There are some great tips, perspectives, and general points of interest in the article – even with suggested listening!

So, what’s keeping you?! Get surrounded!

SMPTE and Standards

A new committee is being formed by SMPTE to align new technologies such as ATMOS and MDA.

The article here is a great read, and will be interesting to see who chairs the committee and who is on it!

Multitrack Practice

Here are a collection of freely available, legal, multitracks for engineers to use those new EQ and compression skills on.

Throughout the year, if there are more – I’ll update this page with edits.

Enjoy the 20+ sessions at the above links!

EQ Maths: Add or Subtract?

Trawling through my ‘saved links’ folder yielded a gem from last year, from TheProAudioFiles.com. EQ is something that all audio engineers use on a daily basis – but it can be argued that it is also infrequently misunderstood. Everyone knows what EQ can do to the sound, but what does it actually do?

The adage of ‘cut narrow, boost wide’ is known by many and implemented by most but what does it actually mean? Check out THIS LINK to uncover some audio myths.

Compression: A Guide

As it is the start of the new year – I’ve went back to basics a little. Clear the cobwebs and re-read up on my post about EQ and then follow up with compression.

Compression is a subset of processing that is at the foundation of signal processing, featuring both dynamic range reduction AND envelope shaping. Knowing what each of the four controls can do for you is important. Read goingto11.com’s article HERE.

Gravity: The sound

One of the most innovative films of 2013 is undoubtedly ‘Gravity’. Released in both 3D and IMAX – it contains one of the hardest soundscapes to get right. Outerspace.

Featuring both a 9minute long video and interview with the sound designers, theverge.com have put together an excellent resource. Check it out HERE.

reddit: Spatial Audio

Last night I made a new sub-reddit for the field of spatial audio on reddit.

It’s open to all, and I’ll be contributing as much as possible in the coming weeks for those interested in learning more on how to create, recreate, manipulate and process realistic soundfields.

Check it here!

BluRay: The new CD?

The BBC have reported on the record companies attempt to tempt consumers into higher quality products. Covering the basics of digital audio, the article shows the quality and benefits of using BluRay over the MP3.

Read it here!

It’s all about timing

One of my personal favourite live engineers, Dave Rat, blogged for ProSoundWeb back in August on the subject of time alignment within a sound system.

Covering the basics of sound propagation, digital audio latency, including delays to correct for timing and the practical problems that can emerge using IEMs.

Read it here!