Pint of Science; Southampton 15th May 2017

I’ve been invited to give a brief discussion about science, over a pint, in Southampton on Monday May 15th @ 7pm. The venue is the Belgium & Blues 184 Above Bar Street, SO14 7DW.

Tickets are £4 and there are only a few remaining!
Book here:

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Sennheiser and the V&A

David Bowie’s exhibition at the V&A museum relied on Sennheiser’s partnership to create a surround sound experience previously unheard. Now they’ve deployed a 14.1 system and a large scale projection map to take things to the new level. The article and full tech information can be found here.

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SoundField: A new windshield

TSL have joined up with French company Cinela to create a slotted windshield for the SoundField microphone. Useful for any sound designers and audio engineers recording outside, inside, or anywhere! A link here.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum VR audio

Rocksteady Ltd used the skills of audio designer Andy Riley to help move Batman into the world of VR. A full article and interview on the process is available here.

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Dissertation Writing

I often find at this time of year my 2nd year (Level 5) students need a bit of help for the looming mountain that will be their Final Major Project / Dissertation.

I wrote this guide last year, and I’ve just updated it to include another piece of work on how to generate ideas. Let me know what you think!

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2014 Ref: Spatial Audio

Derby University submitted as part of their REF for 2014 a useful document on where Bruce Wiggins is going with his ambisonic research. Very handy to have!

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Terminator style!

It’s been a long time since I last posted on this website. My fault. Sorry. But I’m relatively back, and I’ve got a few things that I want to share with you guys. So, like the terminator – both I and ambisonics are back.

The first is that Scott Dorsey gave me some page space on his blog here on my paper with a project student from last year, Tom Webb. Thanks Scott!

I’ve also had a few trace backs from people citing my work – which is fantastic. Some examples from J. J. Gomez and Fabio Sousa . Thanks again!

In the latest version of WWise – ambisonics is coming. This is a good thing. Finally, the work and perspectives offered by us academics are finally seeing light. Virtual Reality can now be a little more real, and a little less virtual. At least for audio.

Finally – I am trying to maintain this blog a little more, but the use of reddit and r/spatialaudio has partially rendered the linking of stuff on here to be redundant. Right now I have some updated tutorials and a mixture of material that was ex-teaching and is now up for distribution online. If I remember I will cross post!


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Innovation in Music 2015: Deadline Extension

“Innovation in Music (InMusic’15) is a European music industry conference that sits alongside a suite of conferences organised by KES International. KES International is a not for profit organisation that exists to disseminate research and best practice through a number of disciplines. KES’ main focus at present includes Media (InMusic and Film Archiving); Sustainability and also Intelligent Systems.

Innovation In Music was created by a number of academics and industry practitioners within the UK and Europe to discuss the interface between the Artist through the industry to the consumer. The music industry is going through a considerable amount of change with fantastic innovations that need to be discussed socially, technically and morally. Innovation In Music is the forum for this.”

For more information, click here!
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Surround Broadcasts: Milkwood

The BBC have released their latest development with HTML5 – and re-released their 2003 production of Milkwood online.

A few years ago I released some streaming files that contained 8-channels. I found that there weren’t many users who had a surround system attached to their PC – but hopefully the BBC find there’s a larger audience now!

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BBC @ IBC2014

A quick update on the latest developments in Object-based audio coming from the BBC R&D team. For anyone that made it to IBC you may have seen their exhibition – and for those who didn’t make it to Amsterdam… here’s an overview of what was on show!

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