Terminator style!

It’s been a long time since I last posted on this website. My fault. Sorry. But I’m relatively back, and I’ve got a few things that I want to share with you guys. So, like the terminator – both I and ambisonics are back.

The first is that Scott Dorsey gave me some page space on his blog here on my paper with a project student from last year, Tom Webb. Thanks Scott!

I’ve also had a few trace backs from people citing my work – which is fantastic. Some examples from J. J. Gomez and Fabio Sousa . Thanks again!

In the latest version of WWise – ambisonics is coming. This is a good thing. Finally, the work and perspectives offered by us academics are finally seeing light. Virtual Reality can now be a little more real, and a little less virtual. At least for audio.

Finally – I am trying to maintain this blog a little more, but the use of reddit and r/spatialaudio has partially rendered the linking of stuff on here to be redundant. Right now I have some updated tutorials and a mixture of material that was ex-teaching and is now up for distribution online. If I remember I will cross post!


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