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Interview: Nick Ryan

As part of the Analog Lessons from Masters of the Senses series, Aleks Krotoski interviews Nick Ryan, an award-winning sound designer, was interviewed in 2012 for the Oxford Internet Institute’s Changing Behaviour: Participation, Influence and Impact seminar. Video here!

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Project Genesis

The story of sound design and its part in Apple’s future has been made into a short film, available here. It’s pretty good. A role of auditory icons, soundtracks and postulation of exactly what a Mac sounds like is all here!

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Game Audio: Dead Space 3

Create Digital’ interview and link to the audio team behind Dead Space 3 is both creatively brilliant but also a real insight into how game audio is being pushed. Check it here!

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WWise: Loudness Metering

One of the most feature packed game audio engines has now got a little more controlled, as featured on Game Audio WWise has introduced both EBU and ITU loudness metering as a standard following the recent Nuendo / Cubase integration. This is great news for games developers and those combating hyper-compression in the media.   Quote […]

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LucasFilm and the Bay Bridge have talked to some of the audio guys at LucasArts and how they used the new San Francisco Bay Bridge in their latest films. Creating impulse responses of the unique concrete foundations in the bridge allows for some crazy, unique and amazing sounding spaces for use in cinema. Read it all here.

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Building In Sound

As the field of architecture and modelling of projects reaches new heights (3D printed models etc) the use of sound within spaces has created a new inter-disciplinary field of research. In my own field of surround sound, there are plenty of recent examples using ODEON and b-format impulse responses to create synthetic soundscapes of to-be-built environments. Continuing […]

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The Sound of War

The BBC have constructed an interesting report on the ever changing of reporting war zones, with specifics on how they ‘sound’. It includes loads of samples and some historical reference on the weapons used. I like pieces this like a lot. Link here.

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