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Terminator style!

It’s been a long time since I last posted on this website. My fault. Sorry. But I’m relatively back, and I’ve got a few things that I want to share with you guys. So, like the terminator – both I and ambisonics are back. The first is that Scott Dorsey gave me some page space […]

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Gravity: The sound

One of the most innovative films of 2013 is undoubtedly ‘Gravity’. Released in both 3D and IMAX – it contains one of the hardest soundscapes to get right. Outerspace. Featuring both a 9minute long video and interview with the sound designers, have put together an excellent resource. Check it out HERE.

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Hitchcock: A Sound Analysis

soundworkscollection have put together a panel of William Friedkin, Gary Rydstrom, Randy Thom, and Hitchcock biographer Donald Spoto on the use of sound within Hitchcock’s films. Well worth watching all three parts!

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Audio-Only Games

There are a slew of audio-only games available for iOS (I’ve covered Papa Sangre, and Nightjar previously). The two newest are called Vanished and Blindside. In the case of Papa Sangre, it’s fitting to post this again on Hallowe’en. They’re pretty intense to play. Calrec’s community site has given a nice overview of Vanished and […]

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VR 3D game – IDNA

IDNA have released a cool video featuring their latest creation… check it out below!

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Game Sound: pCARS engine

Rockpapershotgun recently uploaded a new article on advances in game sound. Specifically, the article features an overview of the new environment / atmosphere code described as pCARS. The bit of the article that interests me comes from Kevin Boland; Sound is fun. Did you know that, based on your altitude and temperature, the density of […]

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Immersitivity in Cinema Sound

A roundup of IBC by Calrec discusses the future of cinema sound, and the methods that are being used to create the ‘you are there experience’. All of the technologies coming out in the recent past and near future are focussed on getting the viewer into the adventure – and it seems that adding more […]

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Universe of Sound: The Projects

Up for an award at this year’s Pro Sound News Awards is the Universe of Sound project. A cool niche project, with seemingly huge potential. Check it out here. Sadly I missed it when it came through Birmingham but the organisers are looking to roll it out to more cities in the future!

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MAX/MSP patch: Ambience

For those interested in MAX/MSP patches – Andreas Jonsson has released the motivations, methods and result of his ‘ambience’ patch. It’s a lengthy article well worthy of a read.

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HTML5 Audio; The Future Is Now

As part of my main research project, participation available soon, I’ve used HTML5 to host surround files. More complex and intricate ways of doing so are detailed here. The future for immersive 8 channel surround is now – let’s embrace it!

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