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Female Sound Engineers!

A new website aimed at the female members of the audio industry, engineers specifically, can be found here soundgirls. I’ve not spent too much time looking around the site (I have too many appendages) but it appears to be a great resource and should grow into something pretty cool. Check it out today!

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200th Post!

I just noticed that this will be the 200th post. Over the last few years I hope that some of the links, information and papers of mine that I’ve put up are helpful in some way. Please feel free to have a read through the back catalogue, and contact me if you’ve got questions or […]

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IEEE Spark Online

The IEEE is well known by those in the computing science fields, but to under 18 year olds – probably not. Online resource and publication Spark by the IEEE is intended to inspire the next gen of computing students. Well worth checking out (even if you’re old hat at this computing lark).

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BBC R&D: What’s next?

R&D’s Graham Thomas discusses visual effects, high resolution television, content metadata, 3D audio and the newly established Audio Research Partnership (including Salford, Surrey, Southampton, QMU and York universities). Link to the 25 minute video is here!

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Noise Induced Hearing Loss

A great video on YouTube from HLHearForever on what is hearing loss, how it does affect the lives of people and what those in noisy environments can do.   Check it !

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Blog: Research, Publish, Pay?

Starting off the year can be rather indicative of what lies ahead. For me, this means a rare break from posting news and general links – I’m going to start with a blog post. I don’t like to pass negative comments on items that I post because I’d rather keep my views for lectures to act […]

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The Science and Art of Listening

NY Times have posted up a great article on the science and art behind how humans listen. Worth a coffee break read! Check it here.

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Radio Silence

Apologies for managing to not post anything for an entire month.. Recently, I’ve had another acceptance to the AES San Francisco conference with another two researchers, and my thesis work is keeping me busy [first version due at the end of the month]. In the world of Ambisonics there has been little major developments, apart […]

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Love Music, Hate Homophobia

Love Music, Hate Homophobia Read it and participate please!   Hello everyone, It is 2012, and you never hear a same-sex love song on the radio. Why? Because you can’t have a hit singing one, unless you’re Katy Perry kissing a girl. Homophobia is still a problem and musicians should make a stand against ignorance, […]

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How Loud* is a Wind-turbine?

According to GE Global Research: This loud.     *I really despise the use of the word loud when discussing relative amplitudes at distances (or SPL).              

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