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Innovation in Music 2015: Deadline Extension

“Innovation in Music (InMusic’15) is a European music industry conference that sits alongside a suite of conferences organised by KES International. KES International is a not for profit organisation that exists to disseminate research and best practice through a number of disciplines. KES’ main focus at present includes Media (InMusic and Film Archiving); Sustainability and […]

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Multitrack Practice

Here are a collection of freely available, legal, multitracks for engineers to use those new EQ and compression skills on. Telefunken Mixing Secret’s accompanying files Throughout the year, if there are more – I’ll update this page with edits. Enjoy the 20+ sessions at the above links!

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EQ Maths: Add or Subtract?

Trawling through my ‘saved links’ folder yielded a gem from last year, from EQ is something that all audio engineers use on a daily basis – but it can be argued that it is also infrequently misunderstood. Everyone knows what EQ can do to the sound, but what does it actually do? The adage […]

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BluRay: The new CD?

The BBC have reported on the record companies attempt to tempt consumers into higher quality products. Covering the basics of digital audio, the article shows the quality and benefits of using BluRay over the MP3. Read it here!

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LG’s new Piezo speaker

LG have announced their new 1mm thick piezo film speaker for use within their curved screen OLED TVs. Described as being available in three sizes (small, medium, and large) – the medium version is only 7g and 1mm thick. The full article is here and gives more detail into delivery times and specific models.

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Headphone Perceptual Quality

The authors of one of my favourite books have produced a paper, and it’s been circulated for a while so I thought I’d feature an article on it. Contained in the paper are a series of perceptual evaluations of six headphones. It makes for interesting reading, and you can do so here.

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Eurovision: Tech Spec

The official Eurovision page has put up a tech diary for the construction of the massive production they require. It’s really detailed, includes loads of pictures and makes me jealous. Win all round. Check it out here!

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Compression: The Elysian Way

A great tutorial and guide on compression has been uploaded by the folk from Elysia. Check their channel on YouTube here.

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SoundToys Microshift Free Plug-in!

SoundToys have released their latest plugin MicroShift via code-only promotions.. and I’ve got a bunch of codes at this link (here). The free plug-in requires an iLok account, but aside from that is free. As usual, the SoundToys stuff is amazing and the Microshift is no different. Grab it while it’s still free!

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4K: The Future is Here.

As I’ve previously posted links on, NHK have been working on their 4k system of television – and the first broadcasts have been announced. The race for the future of broadcasting is happening, and it seems that Japan might just win the first 4k race.

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